Over the years at The Design Department we have hosted a number of recent graduates and design savvy individuals. Most of which have moved on to secure themselves full time positions and others that have been offered positions with us.

Having spent most of their lives in the industry, our CEO’s know the difficulty in securing a creative position. It is through their conscious efforts to provide internship programs that those lacking experience stand a chance at full time employment.

What makes The Design Department’s internship program so successful is the dedication from the team to instill and work upon skill. We understand that all that is needed is the opportunity for many to showcase their skills and we offer just that. More often than not a degree on its own isn’t enough – this must be coupled with experience if you want a real chance at your dream job. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide opportunities for creatives within an industry so heavily saturated and lacking in chances.

Our internship program is deeply embedded within our business model. This means that not only do we offer invaluable experience but we also depend upon our internships for fresh ideas and insight. This ultimately creates a perfect balance of opportunity and responsibility for our interns.

Are you approaching the end of your studies or are you a recent graduate? Do you feel that you need an opportunity to build upon your skills in a creative studio space? Get in touch with us and keep up to date with all internship opportunities on our social media platforms.

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